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Running a small company is hard, and doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

The Operator’s Handbook tells the stories of small company operators like you and me. These stories come in the form of high-quality interviews on growing sales, hiring and training and (unfortunately) firing employees, and managing an expanding team and culture. We talk about tracking metrics, generating new efficiencies, and all the responsibilities of operating a small company.

We are 100% reader supported. We believe boring is beautiful. In other words, no ads and no fluff. The Handbook is only available in print to provide a product that’s free of distractions and is as hands-on as running a business. Subscribe today to receive four issues over the course of a year, on a more or less quarterly basis.

If you run a small company, this is the publication you’ve looked for, but never found. We work with operators, for operators, without distractions. Join your business-owner peers in the endless pursuit of better.

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The Operator’s Handbook is operated by Alex Bridgeman, host of the Think Like an Owner podcast.

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